Campaign Launch

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for the Minnesota House of Representatives in district 47A. This is where I grew up and want to start my own family. I grew up in a large family of public servants who taught me to value community building. They are teachers, nurses, police officers, non-profit service coordinators, and volunteers. Through their example, I have been raised to seek a career in public service and the community I want to serve is this one I call home.

As your representative, I want to hear from you, to know what you want, and to build something together.

Campaign finance reform is one of my personal priorities, but for now, it takes a lot of money to run for office. We want to reach every person living in 47A because our goal is full engagement with local government. This requires resources. If you live in Minnesota, any financial contributions of $50/individual and $100/couple are eligible for reimbursement under the political contribution refund program. Even if you do not live in Minnesota, please consider a contribution of any size.

Madalynn GeroldComment