Elect Madalynn Gerold for Western Carver County  


Let's Build Something Together 


I am committed to the value that government in the United States is by us and for us. Public service is the only career I have ever wanted, and the people of my home district are the people I want to serve!


My Priorities are Education and Infrastructure

The Minnesota State House representative is responsible for education and transportation. Both need more attention in Carver county. As your representative, I want to secure state funding for our public schools and our roads to ensure the burden does not fall to us through ad hoc taxation every year. Our schools cost money to run, and the enrollment goes up every year, but our state funding increases are not even keeping up with inflation. We deserve better. 





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Carver County Deserves More Than Partisan Squabbles

We are an area with high voter turnout, and strong work ethic. It's time we start working together to reach reasonable solutions for our future. We need to focus on the local issues that truly matter to all the people who live here. 

We've Been Endorsed! 

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Get to Know Me Better! 

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We're all in!

We are all in

My parents Paul and Randee, husband Dustin and I all call 47A home, and we want to make sure it is a great place to live for generations to come.